Terms & Conditions



The Current Terms and Conditions for clients taking Driving Lessons with TICKET to DRIVE.
1st April 2010, replaces all other Terms and condition either written, typed or electronic format.




Terms and Conditions

1).  If you book another Driving Lesson after your first Driving Lesson, you agree to be legaly bound by these terms and conditions, whether you have taken the time to read them or not, it is your responsibility to check here reguarly as these terms and conditions may change from time to time.

2).  Your instructor will always try to meet any appointments agreed, but cannot be held responsible for cancellations or late arrival to your agreed lesson, however full time will always be given, If your instructor turns up late the time will be added onto the end of the lesson or added to the next lesson.  (From time to time things don’t go to plan).

3).  Your Instructor requires 48 hours notice if you intend to cancel a Driving Lesson that you have booked/arranged with them, failure to do so will result in you having to pay for the lesson you have booked before the next one comences, (The Instructor may use his discretion and not charge you if it is a one off incident, although the instructors decision is final and supported by the Driving School and forms part of these tems and conditions).

4).  You must let your Instructor know of any medical conditions or treatments that may affect your ability to drive, even if these change at any time, if for what ever reason you aren’t fit for a lesson and haven’t given the required notice to cancel you will be required to pay the full cost of the lesson booked.

5).  Your Instructor reserves the right to refuse or let you use his vehicle for any tests or assessments if they feel you are not ready, safe or your attitude is not acceptable or a test was booked with out their knowledge.

6).  Your Instructor/Driving School reserves the right to refuse to teach anyone.  You agree that the Instructor has the right to cancel your lessons and not teach you anymore if  in your Instructors opinion your attitude is unacceptable, any money outstanding that was paid for block booking will be reimbused to the client having deducted the lessons you have taken and these lessons will be charged at the standard lesson rate at the time this decision is made.

7).  Any offers unless otherwise stated are for beginners or clients that intend to take more than 15 Driving lessons, the First Lesson Free doesn’t apply to clients who have a test already booked before taking lessons with us, First Lesson Free doesn’t apply to clients who are booking refresher lessons or motorway lessons or Pass Plus.

8).  Your Instructor or Driving School will not be held responsible for any monies or time lost due to vehicle breakdown or refusal by a DSA examiner to take you on a Driving Test, however if a Driving Test is cancelled due to the Driving School vehicle not being roadworthy at the time of the test or on the day prior to to the test then the Instructor will be responsible and will have to pay for your next test and offer one free one hour lesson per week up to a maximum of 4 hours.

9).  If a Driving Test is cancelled by the DVSA, you will still have to pay for any time that you booked for that day, whether or not the time was taken for test purposes, the fee for the hire of the car for the Driving Test and Driving Lesson before the test must be paid before the beginning of the Lesson before the Driving Test or earlier.

10).  Your Instructor or Driving School will not be held responsible for any damage to clothing as a result of practicing or on the actual test in taking part in the Show me tell me questions, where you may have to lift the bonnet to identify fluid levels asked by the examiner or Instructor.

11).  When taking a driving lesson, it must be paid for either at the beginning or at the end of the lesson, no credit can be given, failure to pay for the lesson received may result in your instructor refusing to teach you until payment is made and legal action may be sought to reclaim monies owing.

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